Ubud Bike Tour eBikes Bali

eBikes Bali

Ebikes is a friendly vehicles which can be used to visit some destination in Bali, called Ebikes Bali. It is like a bicycle completed by the electrical energy inside. When riders are tired to paddle, they may use the electrical energy as riding motor cycle. In Bali, most of bicycle rentals is located in Ubud. You may be allowed to rent the electric bicycle for yourself for some days. By using this you can explore Ubud more by yourself.

If you go with the tour guidebyebikes Bali, you will be guided only to some well-knowndestination as Tegalalang terrace rice and coffee plantation trip. But, if you are brave enough to explore Ubud, you can get many excited destination to visit. There are some other cool destinations, as Monkey forests, Tirta Empul Ubud, and Nyuh Kuning Village

Monkey forests Monkey forests offers many trees since it is a forest and also fresh ambience and pollutant free. You also can play with hundreds monkey there.
Tirta Empul UbudTirta Empul Ubud offers a hot water in Ubud. It is located in Tampaksiring village. Citizens usually go here to clean their spiritual and physical.
Nyuh Kuning VillageNyuh Kuning Village is the best place which shows the real culture of Balinese. In this place is also provided by some restaurants, hotels and resorts for the tourists who want to know more about Balinese. Here, you can also enjoy some of Balinese art shows.
Those destination can be reached by using ebikes Bali. As long as you spend your time in Bali, let’s explore more this city. It makes you feel pleasure with your own astonishing vacation!

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